Loyalty Management

Airlines world over have realized the importance of identification and retention of high value customers. However many still struggle to identify what segment give the most revenue to the airline. A key challenge for most organizations within the travel industry is the ability to create centralized database for customers and use the data for customer or passenger profiling and setting rewards mechanism.

Our team of experts will work with you to set up the business rules managing the loyalty program, define promotional campaigns within the loyalty system, set rules for partner management and loyalty partnerships. Our experience allows us to ask the right questions to the right people, arriving at critical insights early on in a consulting process. This invariably means we are quick to identify winning strategies that form the hypotheses that we will seek to model, validate, pilot and implement in a loyalty strategy for you.

Whether you are in the aviation, banking, financial, insurance, hotel, or telecom industry we deliver expertise in the following areas;

  • Loyalty Program Rules Management;
  • Promotional Campaign Design;
  • Accrual and Redemption Strategy;
  • Financial Modeling;
  • Coalition Business Models & Partner Management;
  • Performance Analysis & Development of KPIs for Loyalty Programs;
  • Loyalty Program Reporting

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