Crew Operations Management

Crew Operations Management Solutions

Flight crew in many cases represent a significant number of of the total employee outlay in any airline. Costs related to crew account for anywhere between 12% to 24% of an airline’s budget making this component as significant as fuel and other major expenses.

Effective crew management therefore calls for proper management and planning for crew from rostering, utilization,  training to communications.

The WECOMS Crew Operations Management system was specifically developed to provide a very low cost crew scheduling option for aircraft operators who are in need of a simple yet effective solution to ensure crew are operating efficiently and legally.

The key benefits of this cloud-based  system are its simplicity, availability, and affordability.

Main Features of the crew and fleet management solution;

  • Capture schedule from SSIM or Excel,
  • Monitor legality of both planned and actual duties,
  • Record daily operations,
  • Provide duty change support and re-scheduling,
  • Remote logbook storage,
  • Productivity reporting,
  • Graphical user interface,
  • Ad-hoc flights and duties,
  • Generate trips and tours within FDP,
  • Assign crew to trips on rotational basis

Optional Features

  • Crew remote access,
  • Crew requests,
  • Training manager,
  • Fuel monitoring.

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