GoSleep Pods



GoSleep is a state-of-the-art chair that converts into a sleeping pod with a 180° fold-flat bed. The stylish GoSleep Pod is easy to operate and features a partial or fully enclosed sliding shade that cocoons the user from light and crowds. Intended for sleep, the Pods offer peace and relaxation as well as privacy within the busy airport environment.

The Sleeping Pods include generous and secure storage for luggage and other valuables, and allows customers to charge their laptops, mobile telephones, and other electronic devices – along with Internet access via optional tablet PCs.

Travellers can rent the Sleeping Pods by the hour to sleep in private, rest, relax or surf the Internet whilst having their personal belongings safely stored underneath the seat cushion. The GoSleep Pods resemble business class flatbed seats with an added felt-like roller blind at the top to partially or fully close for added privacy.

GoSleep had its global launch at Abu Dhabi Airport in May 2013 and received overwhelming feedback from travellers, the media and the airport community. Dubai International Airport followed suit in November 2014 with Pods now available at Concourses A and B. SADIM Solutions would like to bring these sleeping pods to an airport near you.

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